Gunpla Update – 01.22

Hey folks, long time no see. I’ve moved my shop into my basement and I’m just working on organizing and setting up the paint booth again. It’s also hella cold down there currently so a space heater is on the waiting list as well. Fire hazard? Sure, why not.

Current ProjectSinanju Stein MG Ver Ka
The head / hands / cockpit are all sanded and disassembled and I just need to prep the rest of the parts and do the test build. Then the research with the colors begins! Black primer and chrome and clear yellow for gold? We’ll see how it all comes together.

Future Project00 Raiser PG
Now that all of my kits and parts are at the house, I unpacked my 00 and I want to get back at this kit something FIERCE. I’ll post pictures of the parts as they are as soon as possible.

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