Gunpla Update – 02.14

We had the pleasure of an ice storm and a snow storm this week, which means ALL THE GUNPLA! I got quite a bit of building done and even a war wound.

Current ProjectSazabi MG Ver Ka

So I finished the endoskeleton for the Sazabi and I realized I would have to take a lot of it apart again for painting due to how intricate the entire thing is. There are shifting plates and hydraulics all over this massive beast. It also stands taller than any Master Grade I’ve build to date. I didn’t have a gun built yet, so I used my exact for scale, and it barely was tall enough for the kit to grab onto. Damn thing looks like a cane. With a blade at the end. So a halberd? Either way.

When I started putting together the funnel pods, I realized I would be be using maybe 2-3 different colors on this part alone. This is the first kit in a while where I didn’t mock up the colors because I expected it to be an easy scheme. Holy shit was I wrong. The general plan was glossy white for the plates and gold for the endo ( Shhhh, I like goooold ) but now I might need to do some black or chrome or something. I’m going to have to sort out all of these parts once everything is snipped and sanded.

All in all, though, I am pretty flippin’ excited. I also need to stop cutting off my fingers¬†while trimming the nubs off of the armor plates. Wasn’t much of a cut but good gods damn did it bleed all over the place.

Future ProjectTBD

A buddy of mine asked me to custom paint a kit for him so I’m sending him a list of all the kits I have in the workshop, currently. I haven’t done an inventory for a long time so stay tuned.

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