Gunpla Update – 03.03

Oh MAN! What a weekend! So much got done while at the same time not very much got done. Details below!

Current ProjectSazabi Ver Ka [MG]

I started priming some of the plates for the Sazabi. I focused on the torso and the head as a starting place. I REALLY wanted to get the head done because of how iconic it is in order to urge me forward. The white paint was very tricky. I might need to sand down some spots and do some touchup because of some debris and other issues. I’ll post some photos later tonight when I have a chance to put the pieces together.

I’ve been updating the flickr gallery and the project page as I go, so stay tuned!

Future ProjectRX-0 Banshee [MG]

This weekend I was joined in the shop by my girlfriend. She’s been itching to get a chance to paint some Gundams for a while, so we ignored all of our other projects and knuckled down. I didn’t get as much done on the Sazabi as I wanted, but her enthusiasm and excitement for her first kit was so heartwarming that I didn’t want to stop her. This included a trip to our local Hobbytown USA to pick out paint and meet my local Gunpla guru. She painted the spoons to test out all of her new colors and got to work super quickly while I broke out another kit to work on since Sinanju Stein was prepped already. Luckily, it was a HGUC kit, so there weren’t a lot of pieces to paint.

Unlike Sazabi. Which. Has. So. Many. Pieces.

While she was keeping the paint station occupied, I started up my 3rd kit on deck, the MG Banshee. I’ve built the Ver Ka Unicorn already, so a lot of this was quite familiar, but the extra armatures and flair on this particular model make it pretty badass.

I’m taking a page from the lady’s book and going with a bold primary color with full gloss and then doing a nice chrome endoskeleton with matte black accents. I’m torn between a bright yellow or green, but I’m also considering a light blue, as well. I haven’t used many colors (other than gold) lately, so I feel like it’s time to try my luck.

More pictures as they come together.

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