Holy cow! Been a while since I wrote anything down. As you’ve probably noticed, I merged my personal / professional / gunpla sites together in order to make it all easier to access. This way I will be posting about any number of things at any given time. Exciting.

On The Gundam Front
I’ve been dealing with the spring migration of the millipede hordes, so time in my shop has been limited. I’m also working on remodeling the room where I do a lot of my shop work, as well, so it’s a little slow. I started working on a project for an Instagram build dubbed #AdvanceOfZeon where we were given a few strict guidelines.

1. Use only kits from Zeta Gundam or Advance of Zeta
2. Make them into Sleeves Units

I know almost nothing about Advance of Zeta, so I am taking this opportunity to have some fun. I grabbed a Nemo and a Super Gundam Mk-II to make a Nemo Defensor, but I’ve got a ton of kits to play with and make them look badass. Super excited.

Battle Boats are Real
I joined up with a group of friends in creating our own sport that we dubbed “Battle Boats.” It’s like Mario Kart with remote control boats.

I picked up an old WW2 missile boat and an R/C pirate ship. The missile boat will be having the Arcadia of Captain Harlock fame attached to it. That particular ship has a giant bayonet that comes from the end of it that will be augmented with a needle to help the popping of balloons. Trying to waterproof the cheap boat while adding the model kit to the top is proving quite a challenge.

Anyway, more coming soon! I just wanted to get a new post up to let everyone know I’m not dead.