So, living in Georgia has its perks sometimes, but during the summer it makes painting a bit difficult. My current setup is in the basement of my house where I have desks and a spray booth set up. When I paint with the more noxious paints, I tend to go outside and let things air out on my covered lower garage area. Once May rolled in, the humidity levels skyrocketed so my paint started to get mottled and looked horrible. Trying to paint inside with the clear coats and primer made my entire house stink of paint and it kind of soured me on the whole thing.

Luckily, I’m in the process of reworking my shop in the basement to give it independent cooling and ventilation system. I’m waiting on the contractor but in the meantime, the lady and I are exploring Lego Gundam builds. The first step has been sorting all the pieces for easy mocking, but I apparently have so damn many pieces that it’s taking longer than expected. I lost a lot of my Legos when my father passed away and I’ve been slowly rebuilding my collection. I’m becoming a frequent thrift store and garage sale lurker and deals tend to come up more often than you’d think.

Anyway, more pictures of my Lego creations once I start making original stuff but in the meantime, I haven’t been completely neglecting my gunpla.

The Mrs. and I broke out some HGUCs to make an awesome Sunday night even more fun. I’m planning on doing a bit of a kit bash with Rozen Zulu and a Jagd Doga. The color scheme hasn’t solidified in my head yet, but I won’t be doing anything close to the original. I was considering something bright and will compliment the sleeves black and white cuffs.

Anyway, that’s enough for now. Cheers!