So I was looking at HLJ for some sales, and I came upon a figure from Zone of the Enders, Anubis. The coloring for this particular piece was a lot of metallics and copper tones. I was REALLY excited about the possibility of using this particular color scheme for a kit.

I felt the obvious choice for this was either the Hi-Nu or the Nu. The Hi-Nu is the more obvious case due to it already having the two wings worth of funnels, but I feel like the Nu is the more elegant choice. I ordered a second set of funnels for the Nu Ver Ka, so that’s why I’m leaning a bit more that way. While I do have a normal Hi-Nu AND a Ver Ka in my backlog, my wife has claimed the Ver Ka. Womp womp.


So on deck, I have the Rezel and the Nu while I’m painting the Banshee. Both of which will be VERY INVOLVED builds, so I need to pick one to start straight build prep on after my honeymoon and stick with that for a while. I might even shelf the Banshee for a bit to start this one, but I also need to finish a kit at some point this year.

I’ll post a bit later about the new paint I am testing out with the Banshee build.

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Shit is gonna look good.