iOS Bootcamp – Week 02

So the meme is a bit of an exaggeration, but Week 2 was an advanced look at all of the concepts that I learned in my General Assembly course. I started keeping track of concept that I need to revisit which as of me writing this is the following:

  • Closures – Really excited about this. They explained it very uniquely in the tutorials.
  • Extensions – Did a lot of little exercises with this but wasn’t quite on par with it.
  • Protocols – I have a basic grasp on this, but I need to expand further.
  • CGFloats – I was having issues with CGFloats when I was working with randomizers.

After finishing up the code review, we’re moving directly into the 2nd project. It’s a Meme Generator app, which actually sounds kind of fun. Another requirement they tossed into the mix was command line Git commits. I know neither command line nor Git well enough for that, so there’s a nice little Git tutorial that I am also getting into now. Hurray. More later.

About the Author.
I’m Eric Aichele and I’ve been doing web design for around a decade. I plunged into’s iOS Developer NanoDegree program in my quest to become an iOS Developer.

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