iOS Bootcamp – Week 05

2017/04/13 – Day 03b

EUREKA! Man, I feel silly. I posted my project on the Udacity forum and someone came back in a couple hours to tell me that I had two storyboard segues that were conflicting with my hard coded segues. High five. I hadn’t even remembered making those back when I was exploring what needed to get done with this project.

While I waited for the forum to do its magic, I basically started over with inspiration from one of my fellow students. She put all of the major functions into a separate swift file in order to make everything look cleaner. I ended up understanding the logic of the situation a lot better after reading through her solution. I was making a call to an array in every view controller without a reason. She was making calls universally to the main array and only referencing others when they needed very situational information. So instead of making a copy of the array on every single view controller, I figured out how to just make a call to the original and got the syntax sorted out. Hurray. I’m learning.

So I felt so good I decided to call my wife and brag about my boneheaded decision. Afterwards I ended up talking to some of my office mates about their projects and got pretty pumped to keep on learning. I got pretty low today but man, once I figured it all out, I feel like a million bucks.

2017/04/13 – Day 03a

I had a great time at the Atlanta iOS Developer’s Meetup and comfortably back at the office.

The lecture was given by a gentleman by the name of James Majors from Possible Mobile. I was pretty shocked as I had applied to Possible for a design position AND one of my former coworkers is a developer there. Pretty cool coincidence. Majors was a great speaker and helped me realize quite a few things about Options that I needed clarification on. I’ve been leaning pretty heavily on XCode when it comes down to where and when I unwrap an optional, and I learned that giving XCode creative license might be a bad idea. Awesome.

The lecture was following by an exercise where people voted on a topic to discuss and went on to do a “Fish Bowl” exercise. One of the main topics was Protocol Oriented Design, which I was not familiar with. The folks who discussed it in detail were super excited and the energy was definitely infectious. Discussing how Class inheritance wasn’t nearly as efficient as using protocols was pretty interesting to note as well. I felt like a guppy hanging out with sharks, but it was pretty awesome.

Optionals being the discussion topic was pretty ironic considering my current hangup. I haven’t posted on the Udacity forums until today. I considered scheduling a One-on-One consultation, but I will take this route first. If I don’t hear anything back by 11-12, I’ll probably get a consult scheduled for tomorrow and spend the rest of my day playing with Sketch. How do you clear your palette? Play with UI. Because design things.

More to come!

Photo credit: Joseph DeCarlo via MeetUp

2017/04/12 – Day 02
Into the meat and potatoes! The little dog wanted to play super early this morning so I didn’t get into the office into a bit later, but we’re getting into the MemeMeV02 app pretty gangbusters.

First thing on the list was talking about putting some of the data into the App Delegate considering the small scope of the app. They said that this was a controversial method, but for such a small app, its not going to be a big deal.

Second on the list was going over Collection Views. I’m getting into that currently. More coming soon…

Tonight I will be heading to the Atlanta iOS Developer’s Meetup with my former co-worker. He’s another designer-turned-developer, so he’s been super helpful with my transition. The topic of the month is Optionals, which is pretty great considering its a pretty awesome and new concept to me. I’ll post some reactions tomorrow.

2017/04/11 – Day 01
Physical therapy has me going into the office only 3 times a week because they BEAT ME MERCILESSLY. Not really, but my leg tends to be super uncomfortable for the rest of the day and the idea of sitting at the desk and undo all of that work seems silly. I ended up using AirPlay to make my living room a comfortable temporary office. Heating pads and puppies make all of the coding much easier.

We’re getting into a bit more complicated stuff and the kind of stuff that stumped me in my last class, so I am saving a lot of this stuff for Tuesday when I am at the office. Did I mention I love that place?

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I’m Eric Aichele and I’ve been doing web design for around a decade. I plunged into’s iOS Developer NanoDegree program in my quest to become an iOS Developer.

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