iOS Bootcamp – Week 06

2016/4/19 – Day 02
After taking Monday off, I dove into the next steps. Unfortunately, when I read “Sketch” in the optional courses, it meant actually sketching out your ideas. I was a little bummed out. Luckily, I have plenty of resources for Sketch, so when I am closer to my final project, I will dive into that whole mess.

On the actual track, though, was a resume revamp. I’m really bad about summing myself up very well, so this was well needed. I wasn’t sure how much detail to go into in the “Projects” section of the resume as I’ve always had a portfolio to point to. The developer resume is definitely a bit different in that regard. Before heading to lunch I submitted the PDF as per instructions and I just now ended up reading the replies to my submission.

The concept of “Bullet Points” to denote specifics about a particular job or project always seemed a little on the nose for a resume to me. They made a comment about it in my review, but I replied that the experience section was from my jobs are a designer and my projects needed to shine in this particular instance. I used hierarchy as an argument for this and said that I agree to disagree on the reviewer’s opinion. Not sure if that is going to fly, but I’m not going to fight it very hard. They have set guidelines to follow, so I’ll play nice.

After the resume project, I skipped the cover letter videos in order to get back into the code. Our next set of lessons are working with networks and talking to servers, etc. After playing with the initial set of functions, they ominously offered me to “take the red pill” and dive into closures a bit more. Naturally, since I needed a bit more work with them, I clicked on the section and have since been delving into the magical world of Grand Central Dispatch or GCD.

Shit is heavy. More to come.

About the Author.
I’m Eric Aichele and I’ve been doing web design for around a decade. I plunged into’s iOS Developer NanoDegree program in my quest to become an iOS Developer.

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