iOS Bootcamp – Week 10

2016/05/16 – Day 01
Been a while since I’ve had a ‘Day 01’ kind of week. I switched up my PT schedule to the afternoons so that I can try to get into the office every day. Last week involved a music festival and a lot of other real life challenges, so I have a lot of work to get done this week.

I left off last week working on a lot of Error Handling. When I was doing the JSON parsing a couple weeks ago, there were a lot of elements that were glossed over and not really explained. Requiring a bit more practice, I headed over to Treehouse in order to see if they had any parsing courses. The first item I found was pretty much a mess of errors due to lack of updating, so I searched specifically for Swift 2.0 courses and found a bunch of things that looked promising.

I went through the Enums, Optionals, Protocols, Delegates, and Error Handling courses and I’m currently working on a vending machine app where we’re tracking all of the possible error and using all of the concepts I had just gotten through. After this there is a course on Closures, Generics, Protocol Oriented Programming, and an “Intermediate” Swift course. I’m going to aim to finish up all of these this week and go back to the Udacity track after.

I gave myself a June 1st date to get everything wrapped up, but I have a feeling that going off the track a bit is going to make this a little longer of a process. I’m realistically considering July 1st as my “graduation” and when I will be dropping applications. I’m excited and nervous all at once.

More soon.

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I’m Eric Aichele and I’ve been doing web design for around a decade. I plunged into’s iOS Developer NanoDegree program in my quest to become an iOS Developer.

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