Originally, I was creating a web portal for all of my Dungeons and Dragons games so that users could blog, post, and track their characters. We lovingly call my house MegaBarn, so we started with MegaBarn & Dragons and used an ampersand that Wizards of the Coast uses in their material.

The group I game with decided to do a real play DnD podcast in conjunction with the podcast I am involved in, Jump Kick Punch, so the logo required a bit of reworking. The podcast went through several name changes and adjustments until we arrived at JKPD&D. Considering we have a patreon and use ads on our site, I felt like removing the DnD branded material was prudent.

Thus, I created a vector d20 to be used at the graphical element and I played with the typography a bit to give it a different tone. The colors were also changed in order to go with the on screen graphic’s color scheme that was developed.

Project Details

Client: Jump Kick Punch
Date: Summer 2015
Skills: Branding, Identity, Illustrator

Geek Girls Run

Manning Productions Logo

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