Team Sports HQ E-Commerce Application

Dick’s Sporting Goods – Blue Sombrero

Project Details

Client: Dick’s Sporting Goods
Division: Blue Sombrero
Application: Team Sports HQ
Functionality: E-Commerce Application
Date: 4/01/2015 – Ongoing
Role: Lead UX/UI Designer

Skills Utilized
  • Rapid Prototyping/Static Wire Framing (Illustrator)
  • Dynamic Prototyping (InVision)
  • User Research
  • Product Design (Photoshop)

Blue Sombrero wanted to expand their offerings into selling products along with their registration/website offerings. Each of the portals generated by Blue Sombrero’s platform would have an online store for users to sell DSG products. The general idea for this move was that the users would want the registration process to be a one stop shop for everything they would need to start their journey.

One of the secondary functions that was added later was offering custom uniforms and “fan wear” to the store via a wizard in the registration process. The wizard would auto generate popular designs for the fan wear and let the team organizer customize new designs as well as edit the automated ones. The uniforms themselves would need to be developed outside of the site, but everything else would be within the initial wizard. Eventually, the team organizer would be able to contact Blue Sombrero to design custom items for a fee.

I ended up leaving the company before these features were pushed out, but the reception was very positive and the sample fan wear we were getting in was awesome.

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