User Updated Statistics Platform

Project Details

Client:¬†Dick’s Sporting Goods
Division: Blue Sombrero
Application: User Statistics
Date: 2/01/2015 – 4/01/2015 (On hold)
Role: Lead UX/UI Designer


Blue Sombrero wanted to enhance their core product by offering statistics for various sports for their platform. The major competition for the main Blue Sombrero product had a iOS app that allowed for a coach to keep score while the game was ongoing. Instead of diving into a large mobile undertaking, we wanted to give the users a web portal for the coach to input the details from their iPad or computer in order to gauge the actual need for the feature.

Skills Utilized
  • Static Wire Framing (Illustrator)
  • Dynamic Prototyping (InVision)
  • User Research
  • Product Design (Photoshop)
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