Gunpla Update – 04.01

I am posting this almost on April 2nd, so no, this isn’t April fools bullshit. Also note, I am tired but I am also pretty excited about this current project so here we go.

Current ProjectSinanju Stein Ver Ka [MG]

I ended up deciding to use the Stein as my Titans suit. As much as I wanted to do the Ver Ka Nu, I decided to save that for another time. I also want to think about the scheme more in order for it to compliment my Sazabi a bit.

Holy crap this kit is coming together a lot faster than the Sazabi. I understand that it is half the size and pieces but its encouraging either way. I also am going into some smaller hand painted details that I usually avoid due to my giant useless meathooks, but using enough clear coat is making is a bit easier. Lots of Qtips. I need to buy stock in Qtips.


Despite my usually meticulous nature with these kits, I lost the faceplate. Luckily, I had a horribly constructed Sinanju from my pre painting days, so I borrowed the face ( and fin ). I was a bit worried that the black and together would be too similar, but if the blue gets too dark I will use a lighter shade and highlight them a bit. I’ve never done that kind of thing before, but why not try on this one?


Future ProjectBanshee [MG]

I was painting these two kits simultaneously, but when I lost the Stein’s faceplate, I decided to cut that right the fuck out. I also need to revisit my clear color painting techniques a bit before I get into the Banshee a bit. I was painting the Sazabi’s blades using the chrome with clear green overlaying them, but I need to remember to slow down and take my time and layer that paint with thinner coats. If the PG 00 taught me anything it was patience.

I also need to find all of the pieces and finish that fucking monster, too.

Damn, I have a lot of stuff going on at once.

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